Davel F. Hamue is the second artist we spotlighted! (Check out the first here!)  Davel is also a podcaster for Hello, Creeps! (check that out here!) So it is only fitting we choose an abandoned, most likely haunted, school to interview him right?! No, seriously, watch as the light gradually fades from the beginning of our interview to the end. It was already dark outside when we started! On top of that, when we tried telling ghost stories Davel’s voice recording came out blank. That wasn’t our only equipment malfunction, Jenna’s camera wouldn’t turn off. Then we heard some faint wailing coming from down the halls. There’s only one logical reason for any of this, ghost blood orphans.

Watch the video and get to know a bit about Davel, see some killer art,watch a live drawing of Batwoman, and maybe catch a child ghost in the background.

Light as a feather,


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