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Follow us here and on the interwebs for some awesome geek adventures, comic reviews, book lists, cons coverage, andddddd other nerd stuff. We like comics, movies, books, superheros, supernatural, horror, scifi BASICALLY anything that would qualify a high schooler to eat lunch alone in the library (not that that happened to either one of us! ::cough:: Jenna ::cough:: ) We celebrate the the cultural phenomenon that’s made every geek come out of their poorly lit bedrooms to rage in the sunlight about the characters and stories they love. Grab a pair of sunglasses and JOIN US (this is not a cult I promise, although Lisa does have some monarchical tendencies)

Our Story

Lisa and Jenna met while traversing the vast lands of Catopia…Okay that’s a lie. Lisa wanted a friend so she beamed her enigmatic smile and bright mermaid eyes and cast Jenna under her best friend spell. OKAY OKAY FINE I’m exaggerating (a little bit)…

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